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36V/48V 20A Sondors Fold Motor Controller
36V/48V 20A Sondors Fold Motor Controller
36V/48V 20A Sondors Fold Motor Controller
36V/48V 20A Sondors Fold Motor Controller
$ 54.99

36V/48V 20A Sondors Fold Motor Controller

Upgrade your Sondors ebike!  20A, 25A, and 35A options are available.

IMPORTANT!  Please make sure to select the correction version for your bike.

  • Sondors Ebikes from Indiegogo of 2015 are compatible with all parts.
  • Sondors Ebikes from later campaigns require BOTH the controller and LCD to function properly.  The controller will NOT work with a Sondors branded LCD, and the LCD we offer will NOT work with the stock controller.
  • Sondors Thin - Make sure to select the "25a triangle" option from the drop down.  This is plug and play for the single speed bikes.
  • If you have a 7 speed bike, Sondors has changed the throttle connection.  We recommend one of our replacement throttles available here:  Note that the twist throttles would require changing the stock shifter on the bike.
  • Sondors Fold - Compatible with the 20A controller and LCD listed here.  The LCD cable requires an extension, some have also reported that the PAS requires an extension as well.
  • If you have a 7 speed bike, a throttle will also be required as Sondors has changed the connector.
  • Sondors with triangle battery - The battery connector is different from the original bottle batteries.  Make sure to select the appropriate version, as well as a throttle if you have a 7 speed bike.
  • 2019 Sondors FOLD bikes have changed wiring again!  Note that extensions for throttle, pedal assist, brakes, and LCD may be required, along with a new pedal assist sensor.  Unfortunately Sondors changes connectionss randomly with models, so it's difficult to make controllers 100% plug and play with all bikes.

20A - The stock controller will typically run at a maximum of 450 watts.  By changing to this controller, maximum power is increased to 720 watts.  Top speed is not increased, but acceleration and hill climbing will improve.

48V:  This controller can also accept 48v batteries.  If you want to increase your speed, an aftermarket 48v battery combined with this controller can increase top speed, as well as acceleration and hill climbing ability.

Motor compatibility:  This controller is compatible with both 350 and 500 watt Bafang motors.  It does NOT have the same plug as 750 watt motors.



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