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About Bolton Ebikes

Why "Bolton" Ebikes?

Look around on social media and you'll quickly find comments about "Mr. Bolton", check out "Bolton ebikes" or "Kyle at Bolton".  Often people assume that's my last name - but it's not.  So why name the company "Bolton" ebikes?  I have three great reasons!

1.  Bolton IS the last name of one of the earliest patents on electric bikes.  Want to take a guess at the year?  You're probably not thinking early enough.  1895, we're coming up on 125 years since the first electric bike!  It was quite advanced for it's time, featuring a standard diamond frame, battery in the triangle, and a rear hub motor.  The patent states a 10v battery drawing 100 amps -that's 1,000 watts!  (Although range was likely dismal, if the bike even worked at all.)  He was an early pioneer in the age of electronics and bicycles.

2.  Bolton often reminds people of electricity, such as a lightning bolt.  Hence the clear lightning bolt shape in the "B" of the Bolton ebikes logo.

3.  The final (and in my opinion, most important) reason.  My middle name is Curtis, which comes from my father.  He was named after Curtis - you guessed it - Bolton!  Although it isn't MY last name, it is a family name.  Oddly enough Curtis Bolton was born in Pennsylvania, as was Ogden Bolton Jr, inventor of the electric bike.  Are we related?  Possibly, but equally possible it's a coincidence.  Hopefully one day I'll find out!  I do know the surname derives from a town in England called Bolton - where both families are certainly from.