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Bolton Electric Fat Bike - 24" 750 watt

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The Bolton 24" Electric Fat Bike!  A powerful yet compact bike to blast up hills and through any terrain.  This bike is like no other - and I mean it!  This bike was created specifically to fill a void in the ebike market.  With it's uniquely sized frame it's easy to mount, lightweight and fits a variety of riders.  Although initially intended for "shorter" ebikers, I've found that many people like the feel and fit of the bike and find it blast to ride regardless of height.

  • High Torque 750 Watt Bafang Motor
  • 48v 12.8ah battery with high quality cells (We stick to name brands such as LG, Panasonic, or Samsung)
  • Aluminum Frame - Just 56 lbs including battery!  Compare that to the typical 65lbs+ weight for many electric fat bikes.
  • Avid Disc Brakes
  • KT-LCD3
  • 25A Motor Controller
  • Heavy Duty Spokes front and rear
  • 7 speed Cassette
  • 100mm (FAT!) wide rims with 4" tires.
  • Plug and Play upgrades available.

*Note that prior to Bolton Ebikes I built some bikes for local sale under the name "Sierra Ebike".  Current bikes in stock were originally painted with this logo and have a sticker with "Bolton Electric Bikes".  This logo will be painted on with the next production run.


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