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Where Are The Ebikes? | EP 18

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Today, I want to answer and talk about a very, very important question, and that is, Where did all the e-bikes go? Because if you look at my website on you look at the 1000 watt fat bike we sell, sold out. The Bolton 750 watt, the Bolton 2020 e-bike. Sold out the Fat step-through bikes. Oh, we've got a few of those in stock. The Fat Mini Ebike sold out the Step-Through in orange, sold out. Basically, almost all of the bikes are sold out right now, except for at least as of today, a very few Step-through bikes that by the time this podcast episode comes out might even be gone too.

So what is going on? Why aren't all the bikes disappearing? I'm going to answer that question and a whole lot more.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about:

  • What happened to all of the ebikes? Why is so much out of stock and what is happening next?
  • What is the process from order to transport to get the bikes inspected, packaged, and delivered safely to you?
  • Why is there a delay in arrival for ebikes across the ebike industry right now?
  • Why we believe in educating our customers on their ebike purchase and on what is happening in the ebike industry as a whole. 
  • What our team is doing to serve you better and what this means for your level of support going forward. 
  • Why I personally inspect every single bike that goes in and out to you. 
  • What you can expect in the resources we are continuing to provide on The Bolton Ebikes YouTube channel, our website, customer service, and more. 

Thank you for listening to The Bolton Ebikes Podcast. 

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  • Great job Kyle Chittock and Jessica Wayman, I ordered my bike a couple of weeks ago. Besides from the nightmares of you guys closing shop and disappearing with my money alls well. LOL! I guess anticipation is getting the best of me! We spoke about upgrading me to that bigger battery which was also sold out. Without it would be like a clown without the red nose! Please keep me up to date!

    Nikita Mays on
  • I am hoping the shipment that kyle that said just got ready was one of mine . George

    George A Rapozo on
  • Your doing a GREAT job Kyle, I’m going to make an appointment to call in and talk to about your bikes and some others also. Hope to order two of yours fat tire E bikes when stock is available in small frames.

    Jim Schmit on
  • I’ve been looking for advice on bikes since April. I thought I set up a conversation for May 7 at 1:15 so there is a frustration in trying to make the final decision Tex 2020 and the 1000 mid.So I’ve wanted to order for over a month, I am not as computer literate as many and would really like 5 minutes to get an answer and order. I tried to schedule a call and waited for a call not sure if it was me or you. Getting worn out here

    Bud McKinley on
  • I really like your videos & podcasts. Very informative & interesting in learning more about ebikes. I have bought 2 of your display & controller kits which are awesome upgrades, really like the extra torque going up hills & programmable functions. I just ordered your air suspension fork & waiting for delivery. Please keep the accessories & upgrades coming, the Radrover & other bikes as well.
    I have three ebikes now, wouldn’t mind winning one of yours😁.
    I have an old Univega Rover Sport bike I would like to convert to an ebike, being retired with alot of time on my hands makes this a nice hobby to do some tinkering. Do you have any plans on offering these conversion kits? I know they would be good quality coming from you! More interested in the rear hub conversion kits.

    Errol Gettner on

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