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Where Are Ebikes Made? | EP 20

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Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes podcast. Things have been going crazy for ebikes. It's totally awesome, but today I have a question that I am going to make my best attempt to answer. It's one I've been getting a lot on my YouTube channel in particular, and it's something that I feel important that we address and I want to make people aware that I'm thinking about it.

I am definitely aware of it, maybe more than you think, and you're not going to believe some of the things that I'm about to tell you. So stick around. This is going to be a really interesting one about where ebikes are made.

During this episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • Where ebikes are made and why.
  • What the FTC has to do with that “Made In America” sticker you may have seen on so many products. 
  • Why so many, if not all ebike companies use companies from around the world for their inventory, assembly, and more.
  • What products you are familiar with and probably use everyday that are not made in the USA. 
  • And so much more!

And I look forward to talking about this more because I will, I promise. So make sure you stay tuned. If you haven't been subscribed to the podcast, you're not getting my weekly emails. Make sure to go to e-bike and sign up. Once again, that's I want to make sure you're back every week because sometimes we have people on here that are industry experts talking about ebikes.

They have all sorts of awesome things to say. Sometimes the customers, sometimes they're people just like you, and who knows. Even if you don't have an ebike, I might even want you on the show, so stay tuned.

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  • Kyle, as always, I love your openness and honesty!!! Yes, made in the USA would be wonderful but at least I enjoy supporting you and your USA company to purchase an Ebike instead of even an Ebike from Canada! Yes, people, get an Ebike NOW if you are lucky enough to get one anytime soon. You will have a BLAST on it!!!

    Brenda ZImmerman on
  • Kyle,
    Another informative and interesting podcast! In my heart I would prefer to purchase any product that’s truly made in the USA but in most cases it’s not realistic. It’s a great compromise to know that you take the time and effort to ramp up the quality control by performing a pre-inspection before shipping to your customers!

    Scott Griffin on
  • Another great podcast. Thank you very much.

    One great fan of yours.

    Don Morey on
  • Thanks for the info in this podcast and how a lot of what we buy is made in other countries. Your IPhone example along with your quiz brought this point home. A question for you is to what extent are the bikes you sell inspected? I just ordered a bike and maybe a video on how you receive a bike to when you ship it to a customer would be helpful. When you by one from a local bike shop you hope they checked it over and they are there if problems come up. Online purchases are different and knowing how you cover any problems would be helpful.

    Chris Wyatt on
  • Great show! I personally could not care less where my products are made. I would like to think companies would be ethical, moral, and honest, but the reality is they are not. American companies included. So the hypocrisy of “buy American = quality, morally superior, whatever,” really kinda grates on my nerves. I have enjoyed products from many countries in the world and they have blessed my life with capabilities I could not have had in any other way. I am enjoying my Rad Rover 5, especially at its price point. I am astounded such a thing can be made and shipped around the world and I have access to it. I’m all for globalization!

    Gary Nebeker on

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