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Tool Library | EP 82

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes podcast. I'm your host, Kyle Chittock, the owner of Bolton Ebikes and always trying to either hopefully teach you something about electric bikes or share with you an idea I have that might improve. The situation with electric bikes. I might need your feedback on this idea.

This is the first time I'm sharing it publicly. So stick around. I think this is going to be really interesting.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about:

  • Why getting a simple repair done at a local bike shop has been taking a lot more time lately.
  • What do you need to work on your bike if you can’t get a bike shop to assist you?
  • Is it worth it to drive a few hours to get your ebike repaired or worth it to do it yourself. 
  • What we do to work with local bike shops when further assistance is required beyond our technical support via email and phone. 
  • How we are going to empower you to repair your ebike without the added expense of purchasing a tool you may never use again. 
  • Tell us if you like the idea or have any questions, concerns, thoughts, and suggestions to info@boltonebikes with the subject “Podcast on Tool Library”.

Thank you for listening to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. As always, if you're not on an email list, go to E bike podcast dot com and sign up. Once again, That's ebike podcast dot com. Otherwise you can always come back right here every Tuesday for a new episode of The Bolton Ebikes Podcast.

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  • I think this is a great idea. go for it…

    jared herbert on
  • Tool Library thoughts: I like your idea of a tool library with a core charge. Many years ago as a Medical
    worker I proposed having info for patients in helping to manage their medical problems. This went farther
    than I imagined with literature, videos, classes on nutrition, and even classes for employees. All for the good.
    Your idea is much the same, even though it relates to E-bikes. I have really enjoyed your You tube videos
    and watched other people give instructions on You tube on fixing bikes or creating some gadget. I think having You tube videos on repairing different aspects of an e bike would be helpful to all e bike owners
    Years ago, I had a book called, "How to repair the Inscrutable Toyota by Dick and Jennifer O’kane.
    It was comical in it’s writing, but you basically could apply their ideas to any car. I may have the book
    packed in a box, but haven’t looked for it.
    Changing mechanical to hydraulic brakes is a relative easy procedure. I think on-line instruction
    would be great for many e bike users.
    Also have a thought for Regional helpers that may be able to assist customers. Might be a good part
    time or full time job for gifted bike mechanics. ( Like a repairman that comes to fix your washer or dryer.)
    Just sending you my thoughts. I LOVE my Bolton Ebikes and your podcasts. Jim – Citrus Heights, Ca

    Jim Wells on
  • Hi Kyle,
    I think this is a fantastic idea, it probably won’t help me as I live in Australia but the idea is sound. I wish you luck with this and all future endeavours. Love your you tube videos. Regards Pete.

    Peter on
  • I think that this is a great idea! Now, when I bought an ebike (a himiway step-thru), I also realized that I am assuming responsibility for its upkeep and repair. That’s ok, I maintain all of the other mechanical toys I have. I also have lots of tools. If I was faced with a repair that took $50 of tools, I would just buy the tools! But something like that $300 battery tester? Yeah, that I would look for a rental. From what I see on the Internet, there’s a lot of people who need a lot of hand holding. I wonder if you incur a liability if they screw it up using your tools, even with directions.

    Ed Brant on
  • Really impressed with you idea. Looking for ways to use your business. I will be in touch for my next ebike.

    Michael Hance on

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