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Stealth Ebikes with Chuck Schram | EP 21

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Today I have someone who is with a company called Stealth Electric Bikes. And if you've been paying attention to e-bikes for many years, you're probably really familiar with who they are. You kind of know what they do if you're not, or if you're new to e-bikes, you may not have heard of them because they do something a little bit different. I've got the US sales manager, Chuck with me. So we're going to bring him online and have a chat and see what his Stealth Ebikes doing today. Thank you for listening and welcome back to the Bolton eBikes podcast.

During this episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • What Chuck predicts will be happening in the ebike industry in the future. 
  • When does the line blur between what makes an ebike an ebike or a motorcycle?
  • How Stealth Electric Bikes develops new models and why they are not the ebike company for everyone. 
  • A chat about why ebikes have become so popular for everyone. 
  • What Stealth Electric Bikes first developed in their line when getting started. 
  • How ebikes are taking over cars as regular forms of transportation.
  • What Stealth Electric Bikes has done to expand their market. 
  • And so much more!

Thanks, everybody for listening. Make sure to go check out Stealth Bikes. If you're looking for something with a lot more power than your typical e-bike that is definitely the place to go. And if you're listening to the podcast for the first time, Make sure to go to You can sign up to be on the Bolton Ebikes email list and get notifications when new episodes come out.

And as a bonus, we usually give away stuff. If you're on that email list, sometimes they're big things like electric bikes. So make sure to check that out once again. That's And then, of course, you should know me. I'm Kyle, the owner of Bolton eBikes. And you can also go to that website for checking out some of those as well.

I appreciate all of you make sure to leave a five-star review on the podcast if you haven't already. I hope that we can talk to each other again next week.


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  • Kyle,

    Great Interview on today’s Podcast (June 9th). I really appreciate that you bring us the info on innovations to the Ebike world, even from Competitors.

    Thanks again,


    John Bruce on
  • An other great podcast with more info on different E Bike manufactures!!!

    Jim Schmit on

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