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The Upgraded Rad Race with Bruce Wayne Brusenhan | EP 88

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Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Area 13 Podcast. Today I've got a guest for you, he's going to be introduced as Bruce Wayne. Yes. You heard that right from Black Forest, CO. He's got some interesting stories I think about ebikes and how he's using them, and how he's done a little competition with them.

So I'm excited to hear more about the story that he's going to tell us and just his thoughts on ebikes in general. You are listening to The Area 13 eBikes Podcast.

My name is Kyle. I am the host and the owner of Area 13 Ebikes, and let's jump right in!

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about:

  • What Bruce experienced in the Pikes Peak Race and how much fun he had with his upgraded Rad.
  • What he thinks everyone should do every day.
  • What it was like in the race and how he prepared for it. 
  • What was at the top of the mountain?
  • How Colorado is opening up trails more to ebikes to help get people of all ages outside. 
  • The benefits he feels ebikes are giving people who are older.
  • What are the tips he would give people who want to come to the event next year?

Thank you to everybody that is listening to the podcast today. I hope you enjoyed that and learned a little bit about how to prepare yourself for a very high altitude high grade climb. I can't wait to see more pictures and videos. Hopefully that's up. I can share with you guys as well. Once again, this is the Area 13 Ebikes Podcast.

If you are not on the email list make sure you get on that go to Ebike that will you'll get an email with any sort of exciting news we have. But most importantly, when new episodes come out. Thanks again. And I will talk to you guys on another Tuesday. 

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  • Well said and well done Bruce! I’m the brother he mentioned, been riding and building ebikes over a decade. Hub motors, a treadmill motor, a 36v Lee Iacocca ebike, HPCs, and installed over a dozen Bfang mid drives. What Bruce did, wrenching his bike and climbing that mountain 4 or 5 times, with that Bolton/Bfang hub motor, is awesome. That setup just worked and kept working in really tough conditions. Nice!

    Jon Nordby on
  • Hi Kyle,

    Bruce Brusenhan sent me the link to your podcast conversation with him, about the Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb. I’m the one he mentioned as being in charge of the e-bike classes for the race. We’ve had an Exhibition Class for the last two years, but this year we added the Competitive Class, for the purpose of ensuring that the riders were responsible for the effort of getting their bikes to the top of the mountain, rather than just being able to ride up effortlessly. So, the Competitive Class is limited to 750 Watt (nominal rating) motor, no throttle, and one battery. Obviously, this means the rider has to figure out how much effort he has to put into the ride in order to make it to the summit without running out of battery.

    Unfortunately, Bruce signed up initially in the wrong class, and the registration system didn’t catch it, so even though he had the fastest time of the qualified e-bikes, he couldn’t be placed in the Competitive Class after the fact. We’ll make sure that mistake doesn’t occur again.

    Riding up Pikes Peak, early in the morning with the sun coming up and no cars on the road, is a bucket list item, and I would encourage anyone with an e-bike to give it a try.

    The PIkes Peak Cycling Hill Climb (PPCHC) is held on the first Saturday of August. Here is a link to this year’s registration page, so you can learn more about it:

    Kent Drummond on

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