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Ebikes for Everyone with Ryan from Ebike Escape | EP 70

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. Again, this is a place where you can learn all about electric bikes. Sometimes I hope that I am teaching you something, and sometimes we have guests on that. Hopefully can teach you something or give you another resource as well. And today I have a guest. I have also had the opportunity to be interviewed by him. So now we get to reverse roles a little bit. Today, I have Ryan from Ebike Escape.

If you want to learn all about him and what he's doing in relation to ebikes, then stick around! I'm Kyle Chittock, The owner of Bolton Ebikes and you're listening to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • What forum Ryan runs and the positive way he is contributing to the ebike community. 
  • How he uses YouTube to share his knowledge and expertise with all things ebikes. 
  • What ebikes he is looking forward to testing out. 
  • Which ebikes he prefers when not riding out with family or running errands
  • Which ebikes he finds is great for getting around town with his family. 
  • What ebike reviews he has coming up and what he is most excited about with them. 
  • Kyle talks with him about all of the different ways he uses the bikes and the versatility of ebikes within real life. 
  • What Ryan wants to see from Bolton Ebikes and why.

Thank you for listening to The Bolton Ebikes Podcast. If you're not on our email list and you don't know when these podcast episodes are coming out, they do come out every Tuesday. And if you want a friendly reminder, you can just go to e bike podcast dot com and that's where you can find our newsletter and sign up.

And as a bonus, I've been doing video versions of some of these episodes before they're released to everyone else LIVE on the YouTube channel for members of the YouTube channel. The community is called Bolton Labs and we want you to be a part of it. So if you want to see some of these podcast episodes and even ask questions live during some of the episodes, you can also find those on YouTube if you decide to join the Bolton Labs. 

Otherwise we release these for free every Tuesday on whatever your favorite podcasting platform is. Thanks again for listening and I will talk to you on another Tuesday.

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