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Enjoy The Ride with Bunch Bikes Founder Aaron Powell | EP 78

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to another episode of The Bolton Ebikes Podcast. I'm glad to have you here. I'm also always, always excited to have guests on the show. And today we've got Aaron Powell from a company called Bunch Bikes. They do something quite a bit different and unique compared to probably a lot of the bikes that I've talked about or that, you know, some of my audience and usual customers are familiar with, but it is a bike that we've been kind of researching and have recently talked to other people about. 

So I'm really excited to hear from Aaron Powell, again, the founder of Bunch Bikes. I'm Kyle, The Owner of Bolton Ebikes, and you're listening to The Bolton Ebikes Podcast.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about:

  • What are Bunch Bikes and how are they are changing the way people are getting around with their family, running errands, and getting around more efficiently.
  • Why The Bunch Bike is kind of the SUV or minivan replacement of the ebike world.
  • How to easily store these ebikes and ways this style can accommodate your needs as a family. 
  • Why having this type of bike is fantastic if you are looking to take the kids to the park for the afternoon or on a trip where they may not want to ride their own bikes back. 
  • What is coming next for Bunch Bikes and how you can convert any bike you have in about 10 minutes. 
  • What show was Bunch Bikes on that led to more success in their company to share their mission with the world. 

Thank you once again for listening to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. If for some reason, by now you're not on our email list, make sure to go over to ebike podcast dot com. That's where you can sign up for a newsletter where you just get emails about new podcast episodes.

And also if you have any ideas for future guests, or if you yourself might make a good guest, make sure to reach out to us. And hopefully we can have you on the show. Thanks again for listening. See you next week for another episode of The Bolton Ebikes Podcast.


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