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End Flats with FlatOut featuring Kelly Crosby | EP84

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. If you've been watching the YouTube channel lately, you might've seen one of our more popular videos was about preventing flat tires and we tested a few different brands and different things just to see which one actually works.

The best, and I guess you could say the winner from that video is a guest on the podcast today. So if you want to know how to prevent flats, this is the place to be. Once again, I am Kyle Chittock, The Owner of Bolton Ebikes, and this is the Bolton Ebikes Podcast.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about:

  • What propelled FlatOut into the ebike market
  • What makes FlatOut different from other popular sealants on the market and why you may want to switch if you haven’t already.
  • What does affect it and the science behind why. 
  • What tubes he recommends to prevent flats. 
  • Why latex is a common ingredient found in other sealants and how that might be causing some issues. 
  • Why it’s very important to prevent flats before you’re in a situation where you’re stuck. 
  • Why FlatOut is superior to what you might be used to.

Thank you for listening to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast.  I hope you learned something as usual and do what Kelly said. Use this as a preventative measure. If you don't want flats, FlatOut has worked very well in my test. So far, it's the best product that I can recommend.

As always, if you're not on an email list, go to E bike podcast dot com and sign up. Once again, That's ebike podcast dot com. Otherwise you can always come back right here every Tuesday for a new episode of The Bolton Ebikes Podcast.

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  • I went on eBay to get flat out and They sent me something else not flat out so I just now listened to your podcast went flat out on dirt on your website and I finally ordered it so thank you again

    Tom Nickols on

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