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Build Your Dream Ebike | EP 43

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast, a place where you can learn all about electric bikes. Now, normally I have a specific subject or topic or a guest, and sometimes I'll brainstorm topics ahead of time and it may be answering common questions. What I’ll cover today is not one of those things, but it's an idea that popped into my head.

When I thought of it, I was like, yes, that is today's podcast episode. This is going to be amazing. So stay tuned. And if you have time or if you have the ability, get a pen and a notepad or your phone and make a few notes, maybe you can even do this exercise with me. If not, that's totally okay.

Today I'm going to talk about the future. And building your dream bike or in this case, building my dream bike without limits, without possibilities. This is The Bolton Ebikes Podcast.

In this episode, you’ll get answers to questions and topics like: 

  • How many ebikes they have and why?
  • The 6 ways we can improve the electric bike in general. 
  • Some of the main things that you may not be thinking about when it comes to building your dream bike. 
  • The really awesome technological addition we’re planning and how you can help make that happen. 
  • And so much more!

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you thought of some ideas that would make your dream electric bike because if we think about these things and we just apply what we know, sometimes we surprise ourselves and we actually think of things that we can do today. Thanks for being a part of Bolton Ebikes, whether you're listening to the podcast, watching the videos on YouTube or you’re a customer, or you’re just trying to learn, I’m happy you’re here. 

See you next week!


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  • Future bike… No multi gear setups. Keep it simple. Make it like a Vespa scooter… just twist and go with lotsa power for hills, while still being fast. Bike could still be pedaled if you like (adjustable resistance for exercise purposes). Full speed and power when using twist only, with no need to pedal for extra speed. Years ago, there was an “Auto Bike”. It’s not new technology. Powerful batteries that hold a full charge for a WEEK. A small (powerful) solar cell built into the bike would keep the battery charged at all times. Never fail tires would be a must.
    gord johnson on

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