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Bike Insurance Made Simple with Nikhil Kansal of Oyster Insurance | EP 120

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Hey, Everybody! Welcome back to another incredible episode of the Area 13 Ebikes Podcast. If you're new to the show, this is THE BEST place to learn all about electric bikes, products related to them, And most importantly, the people behind the scenes AND behind the handlebars. 

I’m Jessica, part of the team with Area 13 Ebikes and today’s episode you’ll learn more about something you have needed, but may not have set up yet. It’s time you did!

Today’s guest is Nikhil Kansal, Co-founder and CTO of Oyster.

This is the Area 13 Ebikes Podcast.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • What Oyster provides within the area of bike and ebike insurance.
  • What happens if you are hurt or injured while riding your bike?
  • What about getting the replacement value of your bike?
  • What happens when you travel?
  • How much can this coverage cost?
  • How can you get bike insurance from Oyster - even if you have already purchased it?
  • Are you covered when riding a race?
  • Why homeowners/renters insurance isn’t providing the coverage you need.
  • Can you get this coverage even if you bought your bike from another ebike retailer?
  • And so much more! 

Stay protected and ensure you are prepared for the road ahead by getting coverage that is created for you as a bike rider. 

Thank you for joining us today. See you the first Tuesday of every month.


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