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20" Fat Bike - Little Monster

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The Sondors bike has taken the ebike industry by storm (see what I did there).  That being said, it isn't the right bike for everyone.  Say what!?  Let me clarify - Not everyone fits the Sondors - literally.  The one size all method to selling keeps the price point low, but it's often too tall.  Modifications in both seat posts and handlebars can accommodate taller riders.  (Unless you're 7' - then you should get a dirtysixer)  Since my wife is leaning more towards the 5' mark, even with smaller tires specifically made for the bike the standover height was a bit too much to handle.

Meet the Little Monster!

In "short" - it's a 20" fat ebike.

After posting a few pictures on Facebook there have been requests about the parts used to build this little monster.  It IS A LITTLE MONSTER!  I thought it would be a great little bike.  It's not - IT'S AN ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC LITTLE BIKE!  Ok I'm done with the caps now, but do you get it!?  It's both perfect and absolutely ridiculous.  Here are a few quick specs:

Handlebar LayoutLeather Bicycle Grips, KT-LCD3

The reason for the ridiculous side is the motor.  This is the same 750 watt motor typically used in 26" fat bike wheels.  With the massive reduction in tire diameter, it has loads of torque.  I think a video is due to show what this bike can do.  The battery and controller combo mean this bike actually pull a max of about 1250 watts.  That may not seem like much, but I warn everyone before they hop on - don't hit the throttle all at once!  If you do, you're in for a ride - and possibly not for long.  With a quick blip of the thumb throttle you'll find the front wheel in front of your face and your eyes quickly going towards the sky.  It's best to put your weight forward when taking off to avoid being thrown after an unexpected wheelie.  It will do it - without mercy.

 Bafang 750 watt hub motorBafang 750 watt hub motor

The Bafang hub motors have been very reliable.  I've been pushing a 350 watt version to over 1200 watts for quite some time now without failure.  At just over the rated wattage at maximum throttle, I think this motor will have a good long life.

20" Chaoyang Fat Tires on 100mm rims!

Go big or go home they say!  100mm wide rims on a 20" bike is not something you see often.

Adjustable Stem

Adjustable Stem

Shimano Hydraulic Brakes

Shimano 7 Speed thumb shifter

7 speed Bafang Hub Motor Shimano

Nashbar FC1 Comfort Saddle

NCX Suspension Seat PostNCX Suspension Seat Post

Kickstand that's just the right size!

20" Fat Bike Kickstand

Quick Release Ergonomic Leather Grips

Leather Bicycle Grips

KT 25A Controller

KT Ebike Controller

48v Shark Battery

48v Shark Battery

20" Electric Fat Bike 750 watt bafang hub motor

 Despite the angle of the pictures - YES the front tire clears the battery with room to spare.  The battery was one of the more challenging parts of the build.  With such a small triangle frame, there are only a few options:

  • Mount a battery on a rear rack  (Not exactly a looker on this small frame)
  • Mount a battery on the top tube (Why raise the standover height on a bike meant to be short?)
  • Build a custom triangle pack to fit in the frame ($$$ and limits capacity)
  • Tap new holes underneath the frame for slim pack (Ding ding, we have a winner!)

So how much would it cost to build this particular bike?  Let's break down the individual parts used.  Some costs are estimates as the pieces are not in regular production.

  • 750 watt bafang motor kit (built into 20" wheel):  $400
  • 20" Fat Bike: $450
  • Shark Battery:  $435

Functioning 20" Fat Bike: ~ $1,285

Add ons:

  • Adjustable Stem: $34.99
  • Suspension Seat Post: $99.99
  • Nashbar Saddle:  $26.99
  • Leather QR Grips: $30
  • Hydraulic Brakes:  $99

Total as built:  $1,576

So there you have it!  If you have any additional questions, feel free to comment or send me an email directly:  If this was turned into a production model with less power (say a 350 watt motor) I do believe the price would be very reasonable.  Shipping costs would be reduced on all of the individual pieces bringing the price down hundreds of dollars.  If you're interested in a production model, let us know!  It may be something we offer in the future.  Until then - get out and build something or ride something!

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